This week’s featured artist is the moderator behind the aviation themed Ask Spirit blog! You can find Ask Spirit here , Sky’s DA here, and his mod blog here! Enjoy a fantastic interview with exclusive pictures and concept art!

Thanks again goes to Derpysquad of Derpy Hooves News!

Thanks to Gendid for putting this up! Plenty of stuffs in here for spirit such as concept art and some design changes that are coming up. Also did I mention I had a DA? Well now ya know!

(Next week’s interview is going to be REALLY REALLY GOOD, so make sure to follow him for future updates!)

Fun Facts not covered in the interview!
Favorite Pixar Movies: The Incredibles, Wall-e and Up.
Favorite Miyazaki Movies: Castle of Cagliostro, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke
Favorite Current TV Shows: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Dr Who, Once Upon a Time.
I have too many favorite games (Metal Gear Series Especially), but one I’m looking most forward to: Resident Evil 6. (and anything from valve and double fine)
Person who first brought me into the skype group: Jose M.D

Most of Spirit’s final designs were conceived inside an airport on the way back from family business, rather fitting eh? 
I derped during the interview, my friend did indeed join the air force.
Most of my one side of the family is musically inclined.

(Also Signal Boost)