Ahhhhhhhh! So many fanarts while I’ve been out and about I can’t hold em back any longer!

1. This one is from RenaissanceMuffins from their chibi project! Such a cute mini horse spirit ^^ I like how tiny and pretty the hooves are below, just imagining her walking ahhh!


(Just straight off the camera in whichever order since my scanner died ^^;)

2. Nick of The Trotting Dead did a super calm spirit at peace, as she’s watching everyone fly by. Super fluffy cloud, I really love the background ones too! Oh whatcha thinking Spirit?

3. Paradigm Pizza aka Turn Order drew, hey hey spirit what are you trying to set fire to? You know that’s… oh planes the movie. Yeah continue. 

4. Wreckingfist or Spike Replies had spike go on a high flying adventure with spirit! The movement in this is just amazing and spike’s expression is waaaaaaay too priceless.

5. ZestyOranges did an amazingly cute spirit, look at that sweet face. 

6. Oh boy it’s that Ask LongNosePone blog. Spirit looks so gosh darn confident, strut it out gurrrrrl.

7/8. The last two are from DILeak aka Ask Incompetent Lightningdust! Spirit why are you trying to cut down a tree with your wrench? That’s just silly! (was actually part of a late night back and forth jam, maybe it might appear on ze mod blog sometiiimmme.) Also I still can’t get over the last picture, its so incredibly cute and now I imagine spirit making little noises here and there when doing things. Or playing with a model plane on her desk.

Thanks again everyone for all the art! I promise ya new posts are coming shortly but these definitely needed their due!

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